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Leadership Coaching

In order to be the best leader possible, you must continue to improve your leadership skills. We have the knowledge and experience needed for successful leadership coaching.

Transforming Performance

Being a successful executive is great, but understanding how to live a happy, meaningful life is truly fulfilling. We will make sure your success at work translates to success in life.

Men in Transition

Having trouble seeing future? Our leadership coaching will help you guide your way through the tough times of your career and life.

Performance, Transition, and Leadership Coaching.

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Mike words – If any of this message resinates for you, I encourage you to act now. Call me, it doesn’t cost anything.

A great man once said to me, “Life is Precious and Urgent”.

Call, text, email, and contact me. Let’s see if this can work for you!

Meet Mike Shereck

This is the part of the site where I create credibility with you. It is intended to share all of my accomplishments and characteristic in such a way you can’t wait to call.

This is where in communicating that I am or have been a son, a brother, a friend, a husband, a father, an uncle, and a neighbor, that you see we share similarities. This is where I put together a list of impressive accomplishments and positions that leave you with the feeling that I have something of value to offer you.

Here is what so, I have had a blessed life, with a bounty of amazing experiences, and none of those actually matter when it comes to you or what we do here. I love my life, and learn from it every day. What this role as coach is about, is you.


Leadership Coaching

It is our belief that people in leadership are aching to make a difference, to contribute, to make things work or operate at an even higher level.

Transformative Results

This area of our practice is really intended to build on the experience of being alive.We inquire into the results you getting and the satisfaction you receive from those results.

Men in Transition

Our world today is complex and ever changing. The rules we believed in when we were growing up, just don’t seem to apply.

Our mission in working with our customers, is creating processes that allow our clients and their organizations the highest experience of themselves. They generate results now. Their organization create new and more fulfilling levels of success, and do so in away that their clients, colleagues, and communities are served in ways that bring satisfaction and fulfillment.

What would it mean to you to have someone listen to you, and supporting you in a way you could do no wrong? What it it provide for you to have someone on your team that was more interested in doing what worked, for you, your organization, your community, than it being “good enough”? What would it give you to have someone that saw the things you didn’t see, that heard the things you didn’t hear, and say the things you couldn’t say? What would be available for you to have someone ask the questions that no one else would ask?

That is what a coach does, that is what we do. I think that is far more important to you than my passion for baseball, my love of fine cigars, or relative obsession with Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

If any of this message resinates for you, I encourage you to act now. Call me, it doesn’t cost anything. A great man once said to me, “Life is Precious and Urgent”. Call, text, email, and contact me. Let’s see if this can work for you!

with Loving Kindness,

Mike ShereckBook

Mike just launched his first book Berwyn Rules. Click here to buy now!

Quote Of The Day

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him… The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself… All progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
-George Bernard Shaw

Mike Thoughts

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05 Sep, 2016

Coaching: what it is, what it isn’t, and how it may work for you

First, I lied. I promised I would have two entries a week and

Mike is an amazing, powerful, life-changing coach who has a big heart. His coaching is direct, to the point and easily applied to your life. His coaching allows me to be powerful and to have a peace of mind on the face of circumstances. When a breakdown happens, I am empowered to go beyond what my thoughts/emotions are telling me and focus on taking actions toward my goals again. With his coaching, who I get to know myself to be has transformed.

Joanne H.

Mike, of the Mike Shereck Group is a force to be reckoned with! His clients experience his unique and dynamic style of love, commitment, and intensity, that is unparalleled. He creates a powerful, safe, and authentic place for clients to create life altering shifts, that propel them forward in their purpose. Simply, an amazing investment!

Sarah Fletcher