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Let’s Introduce Ourselves

We live in a complex world. That world is only getting more complex. We also live in a remarkable time, a time of change, opportunity, and monumental shifting.

Who We Are

More About Mike Shereck

Mike’s own journey is not one he would actually recommend for anyone else, but it was perfect for him. His experiences include over 30 years of business management and business development practice. His roles include position from Regional Manager to President. He has achieved success in three distinct industries.

What has he learned? Two things:
  • If you come from love (and not fear) it all will work out
  • Life is precious and urgent. (This is NOT a practice life, and tomorrow is not guaranteed)

Along with a variety of great life and business experience has been received extensive training in the areas of business and personal transformation; BS Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Deming Users Group, Landmark Education, and is a graduate of the Accomplishment Coaches Training Program.

Mike just launched his first book Berwyn Rules. Click here to buy now!