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Executive and Leadership Coaching

It is our belief that people in leadership are aching to make a difference, to contribute, to make things work or operate at an even higher level.

Our approach of both ontological and facilitative coaching provides access to accomplish on that commitment.

Our process is to create projects, specific, measurable and time sensitive. We then set out to fulfill those projects. Typically, in the process, insights and awareness are developed that allow for even greater results.

We work together to create structures, practices, and actions that allow for those desired results to be realized.

Our ideal client could be leaders or executive in expanded or new roles, or established leaders looking to boost their or their organizations performance.

Transformative Results

This area of our practice is really intended to build on the experience of being alive.We inquire into the results you getting and the satisfaction you receive from those results.

Are you successful by all measures, yet you have the experience of that success is just too high?

Does your work and your commitments provide a level of reward yet you are not experiencing the satisfaction you feel is equal to the effort?

Are you stopped at some level of fully achieving what you know is possible?

Are there things you dream of doing, and for reasons known or unknown, you just don’t do them?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, or just feel stopped in some area, this is where we can go to work.Life is precious and urgent.

Men in Transition

Our world today is complex and ever changing. The rules we believed in when we were growing up, just don’t seem to apply.

The role of men is changing. What it means “to be a man” is changing. Expectations are changing. Opportunities are changing.

This area of our practice is to empower men in transition. Our job is to provide men with access, tools, and practices to take on an ever changing world with grace, power, compassion, and clarity, regardless of the circumstances.


Performance, Transition, and Leadership Coaching.