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Leadership: Be the Change……or Mike Shereck Group 1.01

So my web site and blog have been up since the beginning of the year. Yay Me!…..And I am sure very few of you have seen it, because I’ve let about 10 people know about it, and have not sent it to anyone.

My Web site has become another thing. My website has become another underutilized piece of technology that I have acquired. Yea it’s cool, and it looks great. A team of web pro’s put it together. And what am I doing with it, squattro.

And that is perfect. It is how I do a lot of things. If you will, let me back up a bit. I put this website together mostly because I thought “I should”. I’d go to network events or meetings and folks would ask, “Do you have a website?” So, mostly because I didn’t want to look like a Luddite, I got one. Yay me again! So I have this thing, and I use it the way I use it, and I move on. Sound familiar? Maybe not, but it is a way I do stuff.

I chose today, that is not really why I got this thing. I did not really have it all worked out, but I was clear the intention of this blog and site was to share my business and what is possible for people. I also chose today to share myself, and the change, challenges and personal transformation I am going through. I will speak more about that in other blogs, but I wanted to let you know from this time forward, this blog will be reflective of my experiences, not as a report but as distinctive sharing. That is coach speak for sharing with you in a way that you may see something for yourself in it. I think that is way cooler than telling you about coaching.

So, I am a bit clearer on the purpose and intention of what I am up to with this “thing”. The breakthrough for me in this was: #1 realizing it had broken down. I was not getting what I wanted. I didn’t settle. #2 being responsible for it all. The folks that built this site, rock. The project manager and the web designer got it. They were in my head and heart. They got me, and delivered on what I wanted, I just have not been using it. #3 Tools don’t need to mean more work. This is actually the beginning of me shifting this to being very fun. You will know we crossed over the fun threshold when the blogs are littered with kind of dumb jokes.

That’s it.

Thank you again,

With loving kindness.

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