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Welcome to The Mike Shereck Group

Welcome, and thank you for reading my first blog entry.

This blog is intended to support the site, and support all that read it.

In beginning this business, I was faced with one of the greatest dilemmas of my life. What I have discover in the business of coaching, that was clearly brought to my attention in the development of my web site is, it’s going to be really hard for me to hide out now.

Much of my life, I’ve always had a safe distance between me and everyone else. At the time that allow for safe passage, I could come and go as I pleased, and it was fine (the other “f” word). In the business of coaching, that is not quite how it works. Clearly, coaching is not about me. And, in the business of coaching, I am the instrument.

So that being said I can’t help but authentically share myself here, and this is not about me. One of my mentors, Jodi Jan Larson, says “coaching is being a shiny surface to reflect who your clients really are”.

This blog will express a series of distinctions through stories, perspectives, and events. I hope you find them mostly enjoyable, fun, occasionally thought provoking, and inspiring. What my true intention is, you find them authentic and connected to your own experiences.

Thank you for reading this, and thank you for the generosity of your time.

Coaching is a difficult thing to write about or explain. (That ain’t stopping me thought!) It is best understood through the experience of it. If you would ever want to experience coaching, and would be interested in a sample session, please call me. This offer is limited, from now until forever. Thank you again.

Life is precious and urgent.

With Loving Kindness

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